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A short biography of Bryan Newell artist Bryan Newell was born in Boston Lincolnshire in 1932 and educated at Boston Grammar School. He went to Paris for a year painting and then to San Sebastian where he painted bullfights and flamenco. He joined the RAF on a short service commission. Flying training was in Rhodesia. He went to Khartoum and then went down the Zambezi river in a dugout canoe (see photos) before returning to the U.K. and serving as a fighter pilot during the Cold War. He was injured testing the Martin Baker ejector seat and later shot down by mistake by a USAF research aircraft. He left the RAF and moved to Australia and met and married Hilda. They established Oil Painting workshops which ran for over thirty years until he lost Hilda to breast cancer in 2012. There are seven children, two are now musicians (after Hilda who was a fine pianist) none are artists!! He tutors the Thursday Painters and still paints a lot but few of his paintings are in the public domain. There are a number of sculptures and seven public monuments. (see photos) He feels that his art should be better known and so is now working on an online art gallery. His art is descriptive and talks to the observer. He feels strongly that paintings must be more than pretty pictures to hang on the wall.
14 04, 2018

Tips for painting landscapes


Don't paint small landscapes. 90 x 120 is best. Square up the canvas, 4 across and 4 down. Then square up a piece of plastic or glass of the same relative dimensions but small of course so you can fix it to your easel. (the Old Masters made a small wood frame and stretched string across.) Look through the frame and draw what you see in the squared frame square by square onto the canvas in the same squares. The frame must be the same distance from your eye each time. Put a knot in a piece of string and put it in your mouth fastening the [...]

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