newellart | learn-to-paint is an incredibly simple and effective approach to learning to paint quickly.

Complete your first painting in just a few hours!

newellart | learn-to-paint teaches practical skills, builds theoretical knowledge and connects you with other budding artists.

Learn hands-on practical painting skills.

Follow the video step-by-step as Bryan Newell teaches you the techniques for creating landscape and portrait paintings in oils. He walks you through each stage: from getting started… to completing the work.

Want to fulfill your dream?

Enhance your practice with extra hints and tips.

To enhance your developing practical skills, Bryan Newell provides theory support notes for further reading. You will gain greater insight into such things as which paints to buy and how to care for your brushes.

Want some extra artist’s tips?

Join the newellart online artist group.

As a student you will gain membership to the online community forum and gallery. Join with Bryan Newell and the other budding artists to discuss painting tips and tricks, and exhibit your completed works.

Ready to meet others like you?

What will you learn?

  • Drawing your composition
  • Using oil paints and medium
  • Colour theory
  • Mixing colours
  • Brush techniques
  • Palette knife techniques
  • Old Masters’ techniques

What do the students say?

“Thank you so much for your encouragement and your enthusiasm… you touched my life in a very positive, artistic, way. I am happy to say I’ve been painting ever since.”

Get painting today for only $AU50

A $AU50 purchase of newellart | Learn-to-Paint includes free postage and handling to any where in the world. You will recieve 4 hours of tutorial on DVD, printed reference notes, and exclusive membership to the online artist group.
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